Especially before the start of an IAM project, several important decisions have to be made. How to organize the project, how to define the goals and requirements precisely and finally how to decide on a fitting IAM product are fundamental factors for the successful and fast implementation of an IAM system.

We’ve been able to help numerous customers to set up their Identity & Access Management project with an IAM initial workshop. The workshop will be organized by our employees together with the employees of your company at your place. Afterwards, we will compile a detailed report and a management presentation. The goal is, to enable the client to answer the following questions:

  • Which goals should be set for the IAM project?
  • Which components are needed to reach those goals?
  • Which alternative approaches can be taken?
  • What will be the timeline for the IAM project?
  • What will be the expected costs for the IAM project?
  • What characteristics of the client’s IT environment should be considered?
  • Which IAM products could be used to implement the IAM project?

Furthermore the initial workshop is a good chance to demonstrate an Identity Management System and a Single Sign On solution to the client’s employees and to therefore motivate them early to actively contribute to the project.

Besides our consulting activities before the start of an IAM project, we’re happy to help you at any time of an IAM project or to evaluate your exiting IAM solution and show chances and alternatives. You can also profit from our technical know-how as a consultant during public tendering procedures.

Contact us to find out, how we can help you.

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