Single Sign On Starter Pack

Many companies are interested in Single Sing On but don’t know, how to start with it. We created our Single Sign On Starter Pack for exactly this situations: it’s your fast and cost convenient way into SSO. After ordering you’ll receive:

  • Evidian Enterprise SSO evaluation licenses usable for 2 months without further costs
  • 10 smartcards an appropriate middleware for smartcard login
  • Installation and configuration of the software in your IT environment
  • Integration of 3 applications for the SSO system to be used by selected users

If you order the SSO starter pack, you’ll get more than just the chance to test a product – if you decide to implement an SSO solution after the evaluation period, you can directly use the results from the starter pack (i.e. the configuration of the base system and the integrated) just by buying an appropriate number of product licenses and will therefore save costs on you SSO project.

Contact us if you’re interested in an offer for our SSO starter pack or in a no obligation consultation.

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