Single Sign On

Often the IT end user has to cope with 15 passwords or more – they need to be well remembered and regularly changed. The consequences are trivial passwords or post-its with passwords written on them fixed to the monitor. This leads to severe security concerns. Furthermore one must not underestimate the administrative costs related to password problems: Every end user who forgot his password will cost the company real money. The solution to these problems is long known and has been proven in practice: Enterprise Single Sign On (SSO).

Using a Single Sign On systems liberates the end users from the necessity to manage their passwords. After a single log on the PC all required applications are ready to use without further input of usernames or passwords. The log on to the PC can be done using the Windows password of the user, but might as well be implemented using biometric methods (fingerprint) or smartcards.

Besides the improved situation for the end user, using an Enterprise Single Sign On system also helps to increase the security level. The SSO changes all passwords regularly in the background, using long and arbitrary character chains, that are impossible to guess for attackers. Therefore secure passwords can be enforced in all systems.

In addition SSO helps cutting administrative costs: The number of password related calls to the help desks decreases significantly after implementing an SSO system.

While we remain vendor independent for our Identity Management projects and choose the product according to specific customer requirements there, we have a strong commitment for Evidian Enterprise Single Sign On for our SSO projects, as we think it's currently the best product the market has to offer in this field.

If you want to learn more about Enterprise Single Sign On, read our customer success stories about the implementation of SSO at austriamicrosystems  and ARBÖ or contact us for a demonstration or a no obligation consultation.

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