Smartcard Login & Fast User Switching

One card for all – especially when implementing a complete Identity & Access Management system, but also when launching a pure Single Sign On solution, using smartcards for PC logon can lead to enormous advantages.

Using smartcards to logon – one possibility for the so called “strong authentication” – offers a significant gain in security compared to traditional logon with username and password. Ideally the employee identification badge can be used for all processes in the company, that require the employee to identify himself: to get access to the building, to pay in the staff canteen, for time recording and also for PC logon.

A related subject, which is especially interesting for companies where multiple employees share a PC or where some employees use different PCs during their workday, is Fast User Switching. Particularly in environments with customer contact, minimizing the time between starting to use a PC and having all necessary application ready to work with them, is important. Using the Fast User Switching technology, employees can simply unplug their smartcard from the PC where they are currently working, go to the next PC, use the smartcard to log on and continue working right where they were. Switching between multiple users on the same PC works within a few seconds as well.

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